Why We Will Be Asked To Pay For Our Own Imprisonment

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Aug 10, 2021 Comments Off on Why We Will Be Asked To Pay For Our Own Imprisonment John Butler

(21st June, 2021)

UKIP’s Bill Etheridge explains why we will be asked to pay for our own imprisonment …..

After over a year of our own government imprisoning us and stealing our liberties we are about to be forced to pay for our own incarceration.

Over the weekend briefings started suggesting that a raid on pensions was the Government’s preferred method of extorting yet more money from us.

After months of throwing money around in a fashion which would have made even Jeremy Corbyn wince reality is about to kick in. I would normally refer to this money as taxpayer’s money but so much has been wasted that it is now invented money. The government has spent so much that it has only been possible to continue due to the central bank creating funds to back the profligacy.

Foremost amongst the wildly extravagant schemes Mr Sunak and his treasury boffins have over indulged in is the furlough scheme. This scheme has literally paid people not to work. The effect has that many people have found the continuous lock-downs quite enjoyable. This is surely the most expensive bribe in history.

After so long bribing us to accept government overreach and creeping authoritarianism it is now time for the state to find a way to at least bring a semblance of sanity to the books. Even in these bizarre times it is inconceivable that a nation can continue to survive merely by magicking more and more funds from literally nothing.

So the Treasury needs to show the money markets it is getting serious. Credibility needs to be clung on to no matter how tenuously. They either need to dramatically cut spending or increase tax revenue.

The logical approach would have been to cut spending by phasing out the furlough scheme and to stop throwing billions of pounds at useless ‘track and trace’ systems. Unfortunately that does not suit the government’s agenda. It is becoming increasingly likely that we will be plunged into further lock-down restrictions this winter. The excuse for this will be new variants that some boffin has predicted will run riot and drawn a scary graph to illustrate.

So instead of reduced spending the government will seek to raise taxes. The first area that has fallen under the microscope is pensions. Government briefings suggest the Chancellor has his eyes on a raid on pension funds.

No doubt this raid will be sold to the public as taking from the well off to provide for the poorest. The truth is that pensions have been saved for from the fruit of hard work over many years and it is the politics of envy to steal this money saying its ok they can afford it.

This government is becoming more Left-wing and authoritarian by the day. Not only will we the taxpayers be asked to pay for the insanity of lock-downs but the monumental costs of the obsession with reducing CO2 emissions will come at a huge price.

The so called Conservatives are now the party of the big state and the enemy of liberty and prosperity. We must open our eyes to the consequences of their obsessions and make a stand against tyranny and champion economic and personal liberty.