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Jun 10, 2016 Comments Off on Why I’m Voting ‘Leave’ John Butler

Europe is not the EU, and the EU is not Europe.

We can be different and be friends (in fact I quite like my friends to be different), and we certainly don’t need to belong to the same political state in order to get on well together.

Think of it being like the houses in your road – we all get on well with our neighbours, we might go round to see one another occasionally, and sometimes do little favours for each other. Now imagine the chaos and conflict that would follow if we all sold our properties to buy one great big house together with no boundary fences, attempting to share household finances and responsibilities …..

Few people realise just how deeply the EU project is rooted in a political ideology which originated in the 1920’s. The founders of the ‘European Movement’ (Jean Monnet and others), held two core beliefs around which the EU has developed. The first is that nation states cause wars. To ensure everlasting peace, nations should be first emasculated, then consumed within a new pan-national state. Secondly, that parliamentary democracy is not to be trusted – look what the Germans did voting for Hitler in 1933 !

Far better for Europe to be run by a self-perpetuating elite of ‘wise’ people (and their friends in big business) who know what’s best for everyone. But don’t tell the ordinary people what you’re doing. As Jean Monnet put it in 1943: ‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what’s happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will inevitably and irreversibly lead to federation….. ‘

To explain why these beliefs are so profoundly mistaken would take too long to explain here. Have a read of ’The EU – The Peace Movement That Got It Wrong’ on www.ukipmiddorset.org. or better still read ‘The Great Deception’ by Christopher Booker and Dr Richard North.

It is in fact the EU that is ‘anti-European‘. The ideological program the EU is set upon is systematically destroying many of the things that make Europe such a wonderful place; its cultural diversity, its distinctive national identities, its democracy, its tolerance and its freedom of thought and expression.

If you remain in any doubt about the course on which the EU is set, take a look at the plaque at the entrance to the EU’s Visitor Centre in Brussels, which says: ‘

‘National sovereignty is the root cause of most of the evils of our times. The only remedy to this evil is the Federal Union of the peoples’

That’s one of the most chilling things I’ve ever read. Yet everything the EU is doing is aimed at creating a nation state in supersize; a United States of Europe with its own flag, anthem, currency, president and yes, its own ‘people‘. How many indoctrinated youngsters do you hear nowadays proclaiming to be ’Europeans’? But unlike the nations of old, in this new nation state there will be no democracy, no proper parliament (the one in Brussels is a sham), no prosperity, no real freedom, no real choice and no hope.

We can argue endlessly in this referendum about statistics, trade figures, finance, jobs, without ever being able to ’prove’ things one way or another (although I firmly believe that the ’Leave’ side has much stronger arguments on all of these aspects).

But what it all comes down to for me is this simple question; one which transcends all political shades of opinion whether left or right; do you want to live in an artificially constructed nation state called ‘Europe‘; a superstate with no real democracy, where you are ruled by people you don‘t elect and can‘t get rid of ?

Freedom and democracy are precious things which our ancestors have sometimes given their lives for. From time to time, these things have to be fought for and renewed. We owe it to them not to throw it all away.

The history of the last century shows that nations with parliamentary democracy are the building blocks of a civilised world; one where mutual respect and understanding between peoples can be advanced and problems solved; a tried and tested internationalism. History also shows us that parliamentary democracy at the national level is the best safeguard against tyranny and autocratic rule, and the best guarantor of people’s liberty, peace and prosperity. Parliamentary democracy may not be perfect, but as Winston Churchill said, mankind has yet to devise anything better. It’s certainly not going to be the European Union.

Our many friends in other European countries are looking to Britain’s example to help free them from the EU ’project’. Popular rebellion across Europe is rising. Like us, they simply want to have their countries back !

On 23rd June, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike a blow for freedom and democracy, not just for ourselves in the UK, but for all the nations of Europe.