Why a Vote for UKIP on 6th May is a Vote For Your Freedom

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May 2, 2021 Comments Off on Why a Vote for UKIP on 6th May is a Vote For Your Freedom John Butler

Adam Garrie explains why a vote for UKIP on 6th May is a vote for your freedom ………

Of the many ills that Tony Blair’s regime inflicted on this country, devolution has been one of the most harmful…and there is plenty of competition. The United Kingdom is a small country but one whose influence has shaped the world through the Commonwealth. For those influenced by the United Kingdom, the petty regional squabbles inevitably unleashed by devolution are a source of embarrassment. More importantly, subdividing the political institutions of a small country is both constitutionally aberrant and financially absurd.

It is well known that one of the reasons that New Labour were such zealous devolutionists owed much to the EU’s desire to partition Europe into multiple regions that would be primarily answerable to the Brussels superstate. It was a cunning and sinister means of weakening the nation-state without most people realising the true intent.

This cat is now out of the bag as is the constitutional vandalism that devolution has wrought upon two small islands. Scottish, Welsh and Irish “nationalists” make no secret of their desire to replace a successful United Kingdom with a shambolic European Union. Meanwhile, the Greater London Assembly and Mayor’s Office have politically detached the United Kingdom’s capital from Parliament and in its place is a woefully expensive semi-democratic mega-quango whose leaders are enthralled to the EU and other globalist agendas.

One might ask, why is an anti-devolution party like UKIP standing in elections for these devolved bodies whose existence UKIP opposes? The answer to this lies in the long but ultimately victorious fight to extricate the United Kingdom from the European Union. By standing in EU elections, UKIP forced a democratic referendum in which the cause of Brexit unambiguously won. The same can be accomplished in respect of devolution. UKIP members of devolved bodies will work to accomplish the same thing that globally recognised former UKIP MEPs accomplished from the belly of the beast in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Beyond working to restore true Parliamentary democracy, UKIP will be a voice for a traditional free speech position against the tide of censorious wokery and the foolish parties who think that “some censorship” can be tolerated. UKIP is also the only national party with a track record of opposing mass migration. Uncontrolled migration was never popular among ordinary people. Today however, as the country faces years of mass unemployment due to illiberal lockdown policies that have been opposed by UKIP from the start, mass migration is not just unpopular but incredibly irresponsible, even from an economic standpoint.

UKIP realises that government has become too powerful, the judiciary and police have become too politicised and the result is a country that does not feel like the Britain of common sense and decency that people voted to restore during the Brexit referendum. In an age where people are correctly cynical about politics, a vote for UKIP is a vote for a libertarian party that wants to make politicians, civil servants, activist judges and quangos less powerful and therefore, less prone to the destructive and corrupt tendencies that always accompany utopian big government schemes.

Finally, one must remember that mainstream journalism has never and will never give UKIP a fair and honest hearing. Most people already realise that when it comes to the coronavirus, globalism, immigration, protecting veterans, the green agenda and illegal wars, the mainstream media tell lie upon lie. The fact that the media continue to lie about UKIP can therefore be dismissed for the same reasons. In your heart, you know that things are going wrong. UKIP will put it right by getting government off your backs. UKIP believe that ordinary people are best placed to solve the problems that governments have created. A vote for UKIP is a vote for you.

(Adam Garrie www.ukip.org, 30th April 2021)