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CORFE MULLEN  is a large settlement of mostly modern housing, situated adjacent to the north-eastern edge of Poole.

The original village lies alongside the A31 Wimborne – Bere Regis road, with a few historic buildings, notably the 13thC Coventry Arms public house and neighbouring water mill.

The modern settlement occupies higher ground with a population of 10,180 and 8,116 electors. The parish was originally divided into 3 wards for District Council elections: Corfe Mullen North, Corfe Mullen Central, and Corfe Mullen South. However, under the edicts of The East Dorset (Electoral Changes) Order 2014, the 3 separate wards have been abolished. The Parish of Corfe Mullen will exist in the future as an autonomous district ward in its own right, represented by 3 district councillors, with effect from the May 2015 elections.

The main settlement consists of mostly 20th century housing, with some large housing developments on either side of the main Wareham Road forming the main highway running through the village.

The eastern edge adjoins housing development in nearby Poole; the southern, western and northern edges adjoin open countryside, much of which is designated Green Belt land. The settlement is well served by local amenities, with neighbourhood shops, a library, health centre and three schools.

Currently Elected Representatives:

Dorset County Council:

Susan Jeffries (LD)

East Dorset District Council:

Sarah Burns (Con)
Derek Burt (Con)
Paul Harrison (Con)

Parish Council:

Mrs. K Blee, Parish Office, Towers Way, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 3UA


UKIP Parish Councillor, David Mattocks –

Recent Elections:

East Dorset District Council (May 15):

Con (3) Sarah Burns 2420, Derek Burt 2202, Paul Harrison 2018
LD (3) William Honeyman 1924, Stewart Hearn 1791, Jason Jones 1534
UKIP (3) Dave Evans 985, David Mattocks 940, Josephine Evans 866,
Lab (1) David Peden 452

Dorset County Council (May 13):

LD 1230; UKIP (Dave Evans) 642; Con 567;  Lab 110