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CANFORD HEATH is an extensive area of medium-density housing estates on the northern edge of Poole.

Most of the housing is in the form of estates dating from the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, and mostly privately owned, with small areas of Council built properties.

The south-west part of the ward comprises an industrial estate (Nuffield Industrial Estate), with an adjacent business park (Newfields) and Superstore. To the north, housing backs onto Canford Heath – an extensive area of open heathland designated as Green Belt and having a number of public footpaths and riding trails.

Canford Heath has two wards on the Borough of Poole (East and West) with electorates of 5,399 (EAST) and 5,228 (WEST). It has a supermarket and neighbourhood shops (Culliford Crescent, Adastral Road); two public houses; two churches, three schools, a library and a leisure centre.

Elected Representatives:

Borough of Poole Council (4 seats) May 2015 :

Canford Heath East :   Jennie Hodges (LD)   e :

Sandra Moore (LD)   e :

Canford Heath West :  Sean Gabriel (Con)    e :

Raymond Tindle (Con)  :

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Some Local Issues:  Anti-Social Behaviour; Fire Safety and Security on Heathland

Election Results :

Borough of Poole – May 2015 – East

LD     (2) Hodges 1331, Moore 1339

Con   (2) Bowman 1064, A. Tomlin 899

Grn   (2) D. Maxwell-Harrison 215, H. Maxwell-Harrison 267

UKIP (1) Zac Stanworth 795

Borough of Poole (2011) East Ward :  LD (2) 1,150, 1,075; CON (2) 564, 529; UKIP (Peter Wheat) 323

Borough of Poole – May 2015 – West 

LD    (2) Matthews 1122, Parrish 927

Con  (2) Gabriel 1321, Tindle 1200

UKIP (2) John Hawkins 666, Dominic Turner 497

Grn   (2) Burgess 166, Challis 271

MFP  (1) Tapping 87

Lab   (1) Wyatt 307

Borough of Poole (2011) West Ward :  LD (2) 1,172, 1,164; CON (2) 819, 730; UKIP (Valerie Foice) 351

Local Publications:

Daily Echo

Canford Heath Link (monthly)

Poole News (Borough of Poole)  01202 633295