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Feb 16, 2021 Comments Off on UKIP’s New Recruits John Butler

Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley has rejoined UKIP and has been appointed as the party’s Defence & Veterans spokesman

Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley announces he is joining UKIP as the party’s Defence and Veterans Spokesman.

Jonathon joined the Army in 1973 and was commissioned the following year. Since then he has served peacetime tours of duty in Britain, the USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Kenya and Cyprus. He taught at Sandhurst from 1984-1986, attended the Staff College Camberley as a student in 1987, and taught there in 1993. He was the Deputy Commandant of the Staff College, responsible for the Higher Command and Staff Course – the senior course in the college – as well as all courses for Army students, from 2001 – 2003. He has been Chief of Staff of an armoured brigade and an armoured division.

He has commanded on operations in every rank, including being Commanding Officer, 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers in Goražde during 1995; Commander 1 Mechanized Brigade in Bosnia in 1998, Deputy Commanding General Multi-National Division (South-West) in Bosnia, 1998 – 1999; Deputy Commanding General, Coalition Military Advisory and Training Team, Iraq, 2003 – 2004; Commanding General, Multi-National Division (South-East) and General Officer Commanding British Forces Iraq, 2004 – 2005; and Deputy Commanding General of all NATO forces in Afghanistan, 2007 – 2009.

Lt-Gen Riley says: “I first joined UKIP back in 2012 because I believed passionately that we had to regain our national sovereignty, the control of our laws and our borders, and escape the unelected, unaccountable tyranny of the EU Commission. Without in any way taking away the credit from the current government for having finalised the deal, it is because of the pressure applied by UKIP that we embarked on the road to liberty. Like many others, I left the party because it had lost its way and I did not agree with the views of those who took charge at that time – but I never let go of the original objectives of UKIP. I am now rejoining the party, which is being revitalised and re-focused under the leadership of Neil Hamilton.”

“The first part of why I am making this move is that although we are now out of the EU, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement contains unresolved issues which mean that UKIP’s work is not yet done. In my particular area of defence and security, there is uncertainty over fisheries and what security measures may be needed in five years’ time; there remains the possibility that our servicemen and women may be subjected to malicious prosecutions resulting from service abroad; and there remains the danger that we will be sucked into EU defence structures via the Horizon Europe project – structures that while incapable of any real action, detract from the resources available to NATO.”
“Aside from that, there also remains the scourge of mental illness and homelessness among veterans. Government seems willing to leave this to charities – which do wonderful work – while throwing our taxpayers’ money away on foreign aid. UKIP wants to see no homeless veterans in this country by 2025.”

“I am also rejoining the Party because I fear for the future of our way of life. The current governments in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, seconded by all the major opposition parties, have embarked on a path of destroying the civil liberties of our people built up over centuries; of smashing businesses, jobs and livelihoods; of setting democracy at naught. They are doing this under the cover of controlling Covid 19, a virus which we know to be dangerous to a very small number of people.”

“I believe we are being systematically lied to by governments that have developed a dangerous taste for tyranny and I cannot remain silent, after 40 year’s military service, while they do this. In the political arena only UKIP is saying NO to this ……. If UKIP is saying NO then this is the party for me and for anyone who shares a belief in liberty.”

In response to Jonathon joining, UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton MS, said:

“I am thrilled to welcome back Lieutenant-General Jonathan Riley to the party. Jonathan’s knowledge on defence and veteran’s issues is second to none and his experience during his time in our armed forces speaks for itself. I am delighted that someone of Jonathan’s rank and calibre will be front and centre of party policy-making. UKIP is bouncing back better than ever and we are ready to take the fight to the LibLabCon consensus who have never truly appreciated the service of our veterans.”

UKIP Leader, Neil Hamilton, welcomes Katie Hopkins to the party’s ranks
Katie Hopkins, former Apprentice and popular voice of reason, is formalising her support for decent Brits by announcing she has officially joined UKIP.

Ms Hopkins said:

“People always ask me when I am going to go in to politics. I reply that I know I’m an asshole, but not THAT much of an asshole… but, there comes a time when people lucky enough to have a platform and a voice need to make a more meaningful stand. Joining UKIP formalises my intentions to step up more robustly and help the silenced majority be heard.”

“I am outraged to see my countrymen treated like criminals, locked down and arrested for taking a walk with a cup of tea. I am done with watching decent Brits put at the back of the queue, whilst illegals waltz into our country and enjoy free accommodation, health and school places denied to our own. I share the frustrations of so many people who can no longer say what they really think or how they feel.”

“And I am excited for the opportunity to help them find a louder voice. I speak for no-one but myself. But I refuse to sit quietly by as our freedoms are stripped away and our children’s futures compromised by the weakness of political leaders today. There are many new upstarts; ‘Reform’, ‘Reclaim’, renaming and recycling the good will of original UKIPPERS. There are too many boys wanting to be the boss, dividing our side, when our side so desperately needs to be unified.

“Ordinary people like me need to stand together.”

“My name is Katie Hopkins. I am making a stand with UKIP.”

In response to Katie joining, UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton MS said:

“Katie’s excoriating views on the modern liberal elite and woke culture are well known and I am delighted to welcome her to the party as we enter an exciting new era of British sovereignty. “UKIP has always stood as a bulwark against PC claptrap and the grievance-mongering of identity politics. Katie’s outspoken support for our shared values of protecting free speech and defending our nation’s heritage are a tonic for the decent working people of Britain.

“UKIP is alive and kicking as Britain’s voice of common sense. Stand up for Britain as Katie has and join us.”