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May 24, 2021 Comments Off on Newsletter 65 John Butler

The Seed Is Sown … Election results don’t always reflect the amount of hard work or the truthfulness of the message.  Canford Heath was always going to be a binary poll, with 85% of the votes shared between the Cons and LibDems. Most voted from fear of ‘the other lot’ getting in. In such a close marginal, 3rd party votes were squeezed heavily; also there was an ‘Independent’ (ex-Conservative) to split ‘The Others’ vote.

Over the last three years, UKIP has survived and surmounted challenges that would have sunk any lesser party long ago; a testament to the robustness of the party’s constitution, its organisational structure and the enduring strength of its core principles. In the circumstances, UKIP’s 105 votes (3.3%) is better than it might at first appear.

Vicky Spence and the team worked incredibly hard to leaflet the entire ward (nearly 6000 properties). 90% of postal voters received a UKIP leaflet before their ballot papers were issued. Vicky was very active on social media and gained a lot of ‘likes’ even if they didn’t vote UKIP in the end. UKIP volunteers stood on all the polling stations during peak hours. It was good to be doing something positive again at long last. Thank you to everyone who helped. Well done too to young Ukipper Peter Bailey for standing in Commons (Christchurch) and getting 49 votes.

The public and the LibLabCon know that UKIP’s still around. But the main problem is that despite our best efforts locally, many voters don’t understand why UKIP is still here now that we‘ve ‘left’ the EU ? What they don’t yet understand is that we face a tsunami of new issues provoked by Cultural Marxism. All Westminster parties are either complicit with its agenda, or are simply too scared of the minority of lunatics on social media to make a stand for important things that need defending urgently, like freedom of speech and opposing the censorship agenda of BigTech. Boris Johnsons’s ‘Climate Change’ extremism embodied in new laws to be enacted in June, will have huge detrimental effects (financial and social) for everyone in the UK, particularly those who are least able to afford the price of the Great Green Delusion. Thanks to Boris’s Brexit Bodge, the UK has not fully left the EU and as a result the British Union is facing severe threats in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

So UKIP is needed now more than ever. As the only common-sense, libertarian party, UKIP is in a unique position to speak out. But it will take time for the penny to drop with the public. The 6th May elections showed that one-person vanity projects will not gain public support. Only a full political party like UKIP, with a coherent set of values and policies, can do that. In the London Mayor election, where Dr Peter Gammons gained support from over 100 Black Pastors, 86,808 Londoners gave a vote for UKIP. The first small steps have been taken on a very long road. We’ve made a start. The seed has been sown.

Under the Microscope …….? The PM has announced an independent public inquiry on the government’s handing of the Covid-19 crisis will be held no later than Spring 2022. It will says Johnson, ‘place the state’s actions under a microscope’. But will it ? If it is to be truly independent, the inquiry’s remit needs to be as broad as possible. It must address the many questions that the public have about the last 18 months. Such as:

Was Lockdown necessary ? What was the true cost ? Why did the government abandon its pre-2020 health guidance, which said that lockdowns don’t work ? Why did countries (Sweden, Japan, South Korea) or states (Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Dakota) that had little or no lockdown, not have significantly higher Covid-19 than those that did ? Why did the government continue to allow flights from Communist China once the pandemic was announced ? Why were many patients discharged from NHS hospitals where Covid-19 was rife, into private care homes where the most vulnerable died in droves ? How many patients have died from Covid-19 acquired in NHS hospitals ? How many UK citizens have actually died from Covid-19 ? Why were the government scientists Covid-19 models so wrong ? Why did government only listen to a narrow band of advice from ‘SAGE’ scientists and not other reputable scientific opinion ? Why are there more behavioural scientists than virologists on SAGE ? And what are the links between some ‘SAGE’ scientists and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ? Having endured the largest police state operation in peacetime Britain, we have a right to know.

Some Stories You Won’t Hear On The BBC …….

‘2020 was a record year for illegal boat migration, with over 8,400 migrants arriving in the UK. However, despite promises to “take back control”  of migration following the country’s official departure from the European Union, the flow has only increased. Last week, some 375 migrants attempted the journey in one day. While French authorities managed to stop 166 and take them back to France, British Border Force (Farce ? ed) brought to England the remaining 209, representing the highest daily number of the year. Projections carried out by The Telegraph in April predict that 20,000 migrants will successfully reach the UK by illegally crossing the English Channel from France.’
(Breitbart News 3rd May 2021)

‘Broadcaster Alastair Stewart is joining GB News. The new channel (Freeview 236) will give an alternative to what Chairman and former BBC presenter Andrew Neil describes as ‘the various shades of Left available elsewhere’ (Daily Mail, 5th May)

‘So to the collapse of the trial against two veteran Northern Ireland soldiers. Judge Justice O’Hara told the court that the prosecution evidence was inadmissible because: ‘The first statements given by Soldiers A and C were made without the presence of lawyers and were not under caution. The soldiers had no option to refuse to cooperate because such insubordination could have ended their military careers. In other words, the rules that apply to criminal suspects, allowing them the full protection of the law, did not apply to troops serving in Northern Ireland at the start of the Troubles ……. Moreover, the HET [Historical Enquiry Team] statements had been made under caution but the soldiers were not told they were being investigated for murder and thought they were helping out the McCann family. He ruled that neither interviews were admissible and without them, the prosecution had no case.’

‘Legal representatives for the two soldiers had already made submissions in 2016 stating that the evidence now thrown out by the judge, was inadmissible. However: ‘Barra McGrory, the Northern Ireland’s director of public prosecutions, went ahead with the case. He had represented the Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams and Adams’s colleague Martin McGuinness while running a private practice and also played a role in securing amnesty for hundreds of people suspected of being IRA members.’ (The Times, 5th May; Vivian Evans, Independence Daily, 5th May)

‘TV detective ‘Luther’ has been branded ‘unbelievable’ because he ‘isn’t black enough’. BBC ‘diversity’ chief Miranda Wayland said the popular maverick cop, played by award-winning actor Idris Elba, ’does not feel authentic as he doesn’t eat Caribbean food or have many black friends’ …. The show’s creator and writer Neil Cross has said that Idris Elba was attracted to the role precisely because race was not a major factor in the storytelling…….’ (Daily Express, April 15th)
(why is it OK for our cultural commissars to use crude ethnic stereotyping ? Idris Elba is of African, not Caribbean descent – ed)

‘Comedian Alan Davies has joined the freedom of speech debate by accusing the BBC of encouraging comedians to ‘self-censor’ …. ‘In-house at the BBC they’re always very conscious about receiving criticism and that feeling of self-censoring is a real worry … I think people need to be braver. An audience should be prepared to hear an opinion and a point of view. Just because you’re ‘offended’ doesn’t mean the other person needs to be stopped from speaking. Its not how life works’ (Daily Mail, 25th April)

‘Death rates on smart motorways with the hard shoulder permanently removed are higher than those on conventional motorways, official figures show. The revelation blows a hole in Transport Secretary Grant Shapps‘ claims that smart motorways are ‘as safe as, or safer than’ their conventional counterparts. It also undermines a claim last week by Highways England’s acting chief executive Nick Harris that they ‘are the safest roads in the country’. Evidence submitted to the Commons Transport Committee shows that in 2018 ‘live lane fatality rates’ were more than a third higher on ‘All Lane Running’ (ALR) roads, where hard shoulders are scrapped and converted into an extra lane, meaning motorists can become marooned in traffic rushing past them.’ (Daily Mail 3rd May 2021)

‘Should you want to succeed in modern Britain, don’t be a poor white boy …. It’s not a fashionable thing to say in a society that has lost interest in the white working class, but it is children and especially boys from these communities who are most likely to suffer a range of dreadful outcomes ….. As the report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities makes clear, they perform worse than every other group at GCSE level, are the least likely to make it into higher education and among the most likely to have high rates of family breakdown. The odds are stacked against them from day one …. By the time they turn 19, white working class youngsters are the least likely to be in higher education; just 22% compared to 45% who are black and 56% who are Asian….’
(Professor Matthew Goodwin, Daily Mail, 3rd April)

‘Even with its lengthy record of bias and selective reporting, the BBC’s decision not to report the huge demonstration against Covid vaccine passports and lockdown in central London on 24th April still came as a shock. I couldn’t believe it as the evening wore on that as far as the BBC was concerned, the march involving 50,000, maybe many more, had not happened ….. The rest of the MSM was not much better, with limited coverage ranging  from  negative to demonising; in effect, a media blackout of the demonstration and the reasons for it ….. The thousands of folk who turned up to march against the biggest erosion of our freedoms and civil liberties in modern history were given short shrift. This by the same broadcasters – BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News, who have devoted hundreds of hours over the past year to less well-attended demonstrations by BLM and Extinction Rebellion’ (Kathy Gyngell, Conservative Woman, 29th April).

‘The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have sponsored Reuters and the BBC to conduct a series of covert programs aimed at promoting regime change inside Russia and undermining its government across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, according to a series of leaked documents. The materials show the Thomson Reuters Foundation and BBC Media Action participating in a covert information warfare campaign ……. Working through a shadowy department within the FCO known as the Counter Disinformation & Media Development (CDMD), the media organizations operated alongside a collection of intelligence contractors in a secret entity known as ‘the Consortium’ …… Among the stated goals, according to the director of the CDMD, was to ‘weaken the Russian State’s influence on its near neighbours’ and to advance the FCO’s interventionist aims by cultivating Russian journalists through tours and training sessions, establishing influence networks in and around Russia, and promoting pro-NATO narratives in Russian-speaking regions. The Foreign Office sought to produce an ‘attitudinal change in the participants‘, promoting a ‘positive impact on their perception of the UK.’

‘Chris Williamson, a former Labour MP who has attempted to apply public scrutiny to the CDMD’s covert activities, said ‘These revelations show that when MPs were railing about Russia, British agents were using the BBC and Reuters to deploy precisely the same tactics that politicians and media commentators were accusing Russia of using ……… The BBC and Reuters are now hugely compromised by these disclosures. Double standards like this just bring establishment politicians and corporate media hacks into further disrepute.’
(Max Blumenthal,, 20th Feb)

Out Of The EU, Into The World …… ‘Having agreed terms in September with Norway, the UK has now signed a fisheries framework agreement with the Faroes Islands to hold annual negotiations for access and mutually agreed fish quota, rather than having them imposed by bureaucrats in Brussels.  Local fishermen are greatly encouraged to see the UK negotiating as an independent coastal state on behalf of their industry for the first time in over forty years. The agreement will prove significant for catches of cod, haddock, mackerel and pollock, which are landed in Shetland and Scotland, while also ensuring the preservation of species such as sand eels, so crucial to the food chain, which the EU intended to target through larger CFP quotas‘

‘The Brexit factor played a key role in kicking plans for football’s controversial European super-league into touch. Sources at UEFA, European football’s governing body, suggested that Britain’s freedom of action in defending Britain’s Leagues had given the governments threats more force …. ’It felt like they could act swiftly, take decisions almost immediately and that they carried more authority….’ (Mail on Sunday, 25th April)

‘A trade and investment deal with India has been announced, worth over £1bn to the UK. It includes £553m of new investment from India into the UK, which is expected to create 6000 jobs. Downing St said the new partnership will’ pave the way for a future UK-India Free Trade Agreement’ (Teletext News, 3rd May)

An Unexpected Frost …… ‘French fruit growers and winemakers are warning that the majority of their harvest this year (80% – 90 %) has been lost to this week’s frost. ‘No region has been spared: beets, rape, barley, vines, fruit trees’, the National Federation of Unions for Farmers (FNSEA) stressed. In Drome and Ardeche, temperatures dropped to as low as -8°C at nights this week. Philippe Pellaton, President of the Inter-Rhone Association of winegrowers, estimates that 80% – 90% of nearly 68,000 hectares have been lost to the frost. This year should see ‘the smallest harvest of the Côtes du Rhône in the last 40 years,’ he warned. The President of the National Association of Apples and Pears also warned that ‘peaches, nectarines, apricots will be rare on the shelves this year‘ because of the recent cold temperatures’ (eurozonenews 10th April)

‘A £24,000 statue of Greta Thunberg has sparked anger amongst university students, who have branded it ‘a vanity project’. The University of Winchester believes it is the world’s first life sized sculpture of the environmental activist, but the Students Union said that the money could have been better spent …’
(Teletext News, 30th March)

‘Legislation has been laid before Parliament, committing to the recommendations of its ‘Climate Change Committee’. PM Boris Johnson said: ‘We want to continue to raise the bar on tackling climate change, and that’s why we’re setting the most ambitious target to cut emissions in the world.’ ……. The assumptions and forecasts in the report are breathtaking, making Neil Ferguson’s Imperial College modelling of wholly exaggerated Covid-19 deaths look modest to the point of gross understatement ……. It is another in a long line of developments which are deeply troubling for those who wish to see a return to a relatively-free, democratic, and independent United Kingdom …. The report lays out a path to change the lives of ordinary people in ways which cross so many areas of life …… including the massive costs which they will be forced to incur and which they will also be passing on to their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren’ (, 24th April)

CCP: The Beast From The East …… ‘Australia has scrapped agreements related to China’s ‘Belt & Road’ Initiative. The agreements between China and the State of Victoria were scrapped by the Federal government using its powers ‘to protect the national interest’ (Teletext 22nd April)

‘In 2014, China’s State Council issued guidelines for the establishment of a national “social credit system” by 2025, with the feeds from 626 million surveillance cameras and smartphone scanners and with data from a multitude of sources. The system is designed to assign to every person in China a constantly updated score based on observed behaviour. For example, criticizing President Xi Jinping on social media would result in the lowering of an individual’s score. There are consequences for low-scored individuals. The purpose is to ‘allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step’. People with low scores will be denied social services, mortgages, and even the right to board trains and planes. There are also ‘interconnecting repercussions for family, friends, associates, and businesses both in and outside China,’

‘Beijing’s ambition does not stop there. China’s officials also want to keep tabs on the rest of the world. From 2012 to 2017, for instance, they secretly downloaded data from computers housed in the Beijing-donated, Chinese-built headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, through Huawei servers. They have provided tens of billions of dollars of subsidies to Huawei so that the world’s largest maker of telecom networking gear can provide equipment for the world’s 5G networks ………. which will connect virtually all the world’s devices, from cars to toasters to pacemakers. China can take data from those devices and feed it into its artificial intelligence (AI) systems’ (Gordon G Chang, Gatestone Institute, 27th April)

‘CCP scientists have been preparing for a third world war fought with biological and genetic weapons, including coronavirus, for the last six years, according to a document obtained by US investigators. The document by the Peoples Liberation Army scientists and health offficials examines the manipulation of diseases to ‘make weapons in a way never seen before’ (Daily Mail, 8th May)

‘In 2020, Communist China built 3x as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined; more than one large coal plant per week (Global Energy Monitor, April 2021). China’s CO2 emissions rose by 1.5% while those of most other countries fell …… Even before the new plants, China was the world’s biggest emitter of CO2. In 2019, China was responsible for 30% of global CO2 emissions; roughly 2x that of the US. As the world’s primary coal consumer, China has the largest concentration of coal mines producing 3.84bn tons of coal, its highest output since 2015. In 2020, China also imported 304m tons of coal, up 4m tons from 2019 …….According to the International Energy Agency, ‘79.7 percent of China’s emissions came from coal in 2019 compared to 70.6 percent in India, 25.8 percent in the US, and 27.9 percent in the EU. Since 2011, China has consumed more coal than the rest of the world combined.’ (Gatestone Institute, 8th May)

Tales From Europe ….. ‘Proposals for vaccine passports were first published by the European Commission on 26th April 2018. Buried deep in the document: ‘Strengthened Cooperation against Vaccine Preventable Diseases’, the proposal was largely ignored by the media. A roadmap document issued in early 2019 set out specific plans for implementing the Commission’s proposal. The primary action listed was to ‘examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination card/passport‘ for European citizens that is ‘compatible with electronic immunization information systems and recognized for use across borders.’ The plan aims for a legislative proposal to be issued in Europe by 2022.’

‘The Eurozone economy fell back into recession, shrinking by 0.6% in Jan-March, the second consecutive contraction ….’ (The Times, 5th May)

Facts ‘Only 6% of EU citizens hold a ‘very positive‘ view of the EU, says an official EU survey‘ (11th March); ‘UK growth rate in 2021/22 will be 70% higher than Germany‘s (OECD); (13th March); ‘Only 4 in 10,000 British have chosen EU citizenship’ (18th March);

‘A group of retired generals has warned in an open letter that France is sliding toward a civil war due to the government’s failure to control mass migration and creeping Islamism in the country. Published by the magazine Valeurs Actuelles [Current Values] on April 21st, the letter was signed by 20 retired generals, a hundred senior officers and more than a thousand other members of the military.’

‘The sentiments expressed appear to have broad public support …… A Harris Interactive survey on April 29th found that 58% support the soldiers who signed the letter. Almost one in two (49%) said that the army should intervene to guarantee order, even without a request by the government. The poll also found that 86% agreed that in some towns and districts, the laws of the Republic are not applied; 84% agreed that violence grows day by day; 74% agreed that there is a form of ‘antiracism’ that exacerbates hate between communities; 73% agreed that French society is disintegrating; 45% agreed that France is on the brink of civil war.’ (Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, 4th May)

‘Hungary’s marriage rate is up by 72% since 2014, comfortably the highest rise in Europe. Policies first introduced in 2015 provide financial incentives for couples who are married. Among them are options to apply for government-backed loans, equivalent to Eur30,000 each, at low interest. One loan is unsecured and can be used for anything. The other loan can only be used for specific new housing projects. For couples who have two children, 30% of the loans are written off; for those with three children the loans are written off altogether …… Hungarian politicians are unashamed about their active support for marriage, which includes legal rights, public awards, and speaking about marriage. In 2017, the government also set up a national institute for family research to provide the evidence base and analysis for public policy on the family‘ (Harry Benson, Conservative Woman, 5th May)

‘If you believe that you are the centre of everything, you will never be happy’ (HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021)

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