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Apr 9, 2019 Comments Off on Newsletter 54 John Butler

Imagine ….. that ‘Remain’ had won the EU referendum. Imagine the government then spends the next three years parroting ‘Remain Means Remain’ while doing nothing to bring it about. Imagine the government continually propagating ‘Project Fear‘ against ‘Remain’ through its Ministers and a broadcast media that is almost 100% for ’Leave’. Imagine the government daily informing the public of the disaster that would surely await if we ‘Remain‘. Imagine the government colluding with ‘Leave’ civil servants to secure secret deals with the rest of the world behind the EU’s back. Imagine the government quietly repealing EU laws and refusing to implement new ones. Imagine the government finally producing three years on, a 585 page ‘Treaty’ which allows us to remain in the EU in name only. Imagine the government attempting to bribe opposition MP’s to back its Treaty. Imagine the government flouting parliamentary rules to force MP to vote again and again on the same Treaty, until they ‘get it right‘. Imagine the government, in breach of its own Act of Parliament, pushing the date at which we’re expected to ‘Remain’ further and further over the horizon. Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue from the ‘Remainers’ ? But we ‘Leavers‘ have had to endure all of this and more …….

29th March 2019 …… From all four corners of the kingdom they came to Parliament Square, all the kind, patriotic, public spirited, decent gentlefolk from Middle England and elsewhere; the ‘quiet majority’ of the United Kingdom. Many of them had taken time off work at some expense to themselves, in the hope that their patience might be rewarded and that they might finally, finally, see their country’s freedom from the EU being confirmed. Only to find that ‘Brexit’ has been postponed, for a short while at least, possibly for much longer; perhaps for ever.

It’s a bit like a football referee deciding after 90 minutes is up: ‘I don’t like this result, so I’m going to make them play on until I get the result I want’. The means by which Article 50 was ‘extended’ in order to keep pushing a ‘Clean Brexit’ ever further out of reach, is being challenged in the High Court by the English Democrats. They may have a case. An opinion by the Rt Hon Sir Richard Aitken, a former member of the Court of Appeal and Vice-President of the Council of European Judges, concludes: ‘The way the government has acted, by trying to force parliament to agree what it has done unilaterally, without prior parliamentary approval, is at the least, highly unsatisfactory. It must be arguable that the government has acted illegally’. Put simply, the 2018 EU Withdrawal Act (which states that 29th March 2019 is the leaving date, ‘deal’ or no deal’) can only be amended or rescinded by another Act of Parliament; certainly not by the say-so of a government official, or an ‘advisory vote’ in the House of Commons.

Parliament v The People ..… Since last July, when May tore up her Lancaster House speech and with it, the Tories 2017 General Election Manifesto, it has been clear that she is nothing more than a puppet of Brussels, following orders (the one thing she is quite good at). The tactics employed by May to grind down opposition at Westminster within her own party bear all the hallmarks of an EU-directed operation.

As UKIP predicted, most Tory ‘Leave’ MP’s are losing their nerve just when it matters most. The coalition of Quislings, Opportunists and Faint-Heart Patriots that comprise the Conservative party are incapable of delivering the ‘Clean Brexit’ that 17.4 million people voted for. The British people have shown great fortitude in standing up to ’Project Fear’, but on the whole, their MP’s at Westminster are not. Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg & Co have proved to be little more than paper tigers. Rather like the temptation to go to sleep in the snow, many have been ground down by the relentless obstructionism of the Remainer majority at Westminster, the fatigue and desire to get back to ‘business as usual’ and the fear of two years more uncertainty with lurid predictions of civil strife if May‘s ‘Fake Brexit’ isn’t voted through.

Richard Drax (Dorset South) sums it up for the capitulators: ‘I personally feel utterly ashamed of myself for betraying everything that I believed in, that this deal was a rotten deal. But for the sake of the party and the country, I had to swallow everything I believe in and vote (for the deal) …..’ (actually, it’s all about the party, ed.) Others such as Steve Baker (Wycombe) were more forthright: ‘I am consumed with furious rage ..… I could tear down this place and bulldoze it into the river’. As one letter writer to the Daily Telegraph recently remarked: ‘Now I understand why it is that some countries have military coups ‘.

As things stand (it may all have changed by the time you read this), May has lost 3 out of 3 ‘meaningful’ votes but is closing the gap. 32 Tory MP’s and the DUP are still holding out (one un-named MP said he would not agree to her ‘deal‘ ‘even if they put a gun in my mouth’). In desperation, May has turned to Labour, whose price for any collaboration will almost certainly be a second referendum. Meanwhile, 56% of May’s own constituents maintain that World Trade Organisation rules (’Clean Brexit’) is the preferred option, as do 84% of over 5000 party members on the ‘Conservative Progress’ website. How this will end is anybody’s guess.

UKIP – Brexit & Beyond ….. It is astonishing to think that UKIP is still the only party with the principle that the best people to run our country are the British people themselves, through a democratically elected parliament at Westminster. Anything less is a betrayal of the democracy and freedom that our forbears fought so hard for. There is no-one else; only us.

But as the abysmally low turnout at the Newport by-election showed, many people are now disengaged from politics entirely. It is understandable after nearly three years in which families and friendships have been torn apart by the attritional propaganda of the pro-Remain media and by those who refuse to accept the EU referendum result. But consider this. If you sit back and do nothing, ‘they’ will have won. The cartel of vested party interest at Westminster don’t need your consent; your apathy will do just as well. They can continue to remain in power every five years just by wheeling out the 20% or so of their ‘known’ voters’ from their marked electoral registers. Public disengagement suits them; having seen the only recent example of true popular democracy on 23rd June 2016, they would much rather you didn’t participate thank you very much ! This is how democracy dies.

So while we must continue to expose the lies and distortions about ‘Brexit‘, we must also open up new issues to engage the public. Our country faces huge cultural and social challenges where UKIP is in a unique position to speak out. The threat of Cultural Marxism, under the guise of political correctness and advanced through shadowy public sector organisations such as ‘Common Purpose‘, is destroying our society from within. None of the Westminster parties have the courage to stand up to it. Indeed many of them are eagerly propagating the very problem. Read the excellent articles on David Kurten’s site ( to find out more.

‘In the beginning, the organisers first job is to create the issues or problems …’ (Saul Alinsky, ‘Rules For Radicals, 1971)

Let’s be clear. On issues such as women’s rights and racial equality, the cause was won many years ago, and rightly so. But like any industry that serves to perpetuate itself, the job is never done. Enough is never enough. The search to seek redress for ‘historic injustice’ has no limits and must find new targets all the time. New ‘fronts’ in the culture war must be opened up in the never ending search for ‘social justice‘; brand new ‘constituencies’ identified and farmed for their left-wing vote. And where they don’t exist, they must be created, as we‘re seeing in the concerted drive at Westminster to sow gender confusion amongst primary school pupils.

The designated ‘victim’ groups are kept in a state of permanent grievance against the rest of society (their ‘oppressors’). By posing as its benefactors, the far-left keep their victim-clients in a state of dependency on the patronage and taxpayer-funded projects controlled by the leftist political class. Once the politics of ‘identity’ takes root, the politics of grievance and hatred are not far behind; the end destination is a Hobbesian nightmare of ‘all against all’; a society divided entirely against itself. We‘re all complex individuals, so much more than the sum of our class, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Identity politics diminishes us all. As the strictures of political correctness become ever more onerous and freedom of speech disappears, the demand for a haven to interact without condemnation or prejudice can only increase. Those who will listen (but not necessarily agree), to things that really concern people. As the libertarian party, UKIP must be that safe haven, where the freedom of speech that we all once took for granted, remains the foundation stone of everything that we do.

Local Council Elections, 2nd May …… During these dark, dangerous times for our poor country, it’s been quite enjoyable to focus on something positive. We’re proud to have 9 candidates standing for Poole and Mid-Dorset wards on 2nd May. They are:

Joe Cryans (Alderney & Bourne Valley)
Diana Butler (Creekmoor)
John Butler (Hamworthy)
Janice Long (Oakdale)
Christopher Spence (Canford Heath)
Vicky Spence (Newtown & Heatherlands)
Paula Holyoak (Broadstone)
Keith Simpson (Wareham)
Nick Wellstead (Colehill & Wimborne Minster East)

With new unitary Council’s being formed, new electoral staff, new forms and arrangements, new ward boundaries and a ridiculously narrow ‘window’ in which to submit nominations to the new BCP Council, it has been a considerable logistical task to get all the paperwork done correctly and on time. Many thanks to everybody who helped.

We now need as much help with leafletting as possible over the next 2 weeks. Please contact either Diana or myself (01202-602427) if you are able to help in any way at all – just delivering 100 leaflets takes very little time; together we can all make a big difference !

Stories You Won’t Hear on the BBC ……

‘Russia’s media regulator has found material on BBC websites that ‘broadcasts the ideological attitude of terrorist organisations’. Roskanadzor said it was looking at quotes from the leader of Islamic State group Abu-Bakr’Al-Baghdadi. The regulator has said it will be reviewing the BBC’s output for compliance with its Russian broadcasting licence …’ (Teletext News, 10th Jan)

‘Brussels is being considered as the location for a new BBC HQ after Brexit, to allow the corporation to continue to broadcast across the EU … the BBC will need EU based licences for its international channels if it wishes them to be broadcast across the EU after 29th March or after the transition period …..’ (Guardian, 24th Jan)

‘Asia Bibi is the Pakistani Christian woman who was sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. She then had her sentence commuted and some Pakistani Muslims are going bonkers, demanding she have her head cut off, threatening to kill anyone who supports her. We should give the poor woman asylum in our country …. But the Government fears ‘reprisal’ attacks by the extremists ….’ (Rod Liddle, The Sun, 15th November)

‘It has been less than a month since we founded ‘Students For Brexit’ and since launching in mid-January, our campaign has been going from strength to strength, with thousands signing up …… never in my wildest imagination could I have anticipated the amount of support that we would receive so soon ….’

‘The seeds for SFB were sown in a university debate; a student audience when anonymously pooled, voted 42% in favour of Brexit’ yet when I asked the 42% to raise their hands, hardly anyone did so ……. That’s when it hit me that pro-Brexit students were either embarrassed or fearful to admit that they supported Brexit. Within a day of launching we were bombarded with hundreds of subscribers and supportive messages from students desperately asking how they could get involved. Within the first 12 hours of launching we had gained over 1000 followers on Twitter …. Despite common belief, there is little shortage of young Leavers, so we were quickly able to delegate our campaign to voluntary university co-ordinators who will take our message onto campuses across the UK ……. ’
(Robert Langley,, 12th Feb)

The BBC has refused to say how many complaints it has received from licence fee payers, angered at left-leaning Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker’s frequent anti-Brexit tweets. The ex-England footballer, who is the BBC’s highest paid presenter on £1.7mn a year, regularly uses Twitter to spread pro-EU messages to his followers. Gary Miller of BBC Sports said:’Gary is not involved in any news or political output for the BBC and any expression of his personal politics does not affect the BBC’s impartiality’ …… (!) (Daily Express 4th Feb)

‘A new book by veteran ex-BBC reporter Robin Aitken, exposes what many have long suspected about ‘Aunty’s little helpers’. Subtitled ‘How and Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda’, it claims the corporation abuses its role as a £5bn pa publicly funded broadcaster to manipulate public opinion on issues affecting our daily lives. Aitken is not alone. Ex BBC Chief Mark Thompson publicly admitted its ’massive bias towards the left’. Far from fulfilling its avowed duty of impartiality, the BBC rigs its vast medial reach to shape a permissive left-wing agenda. It provides platforms for favoured views on racism, sexism, gender, divorce, drugs and soft sentencing, while denying them to critics with contrary opinions. It uses its proclaimed duty to ’educate, entertain and inform’ as a tool to press its message home through drama, soaps and comedy‘ (Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun, 31st Dec)

‘The latest Johnny English film (Johnny English Strikes Again’) catches the spirit of the age rather well. A trousered, dangerously ignorant woman Prime Minister (played by Remainer, Emma Thompson), thinks the solution to her intelligence failures can be solved by an American internet geek …… This corporatist dictator, having easily persuaded the PM to sign away control of her country and about to force others to do the same, is finally frustrated in his hegemony and meets a sticky end, blown up by a British missile. It’s easy to see that the US computer madman would have voted for the continued hegemony of the EU ! So much easier to take over a world of a few supranational empires, than to control free nations‘ (Rodney Atkinson, Free Nations, 1st Jan)

‘Nearly one million Britons cancelled their TV licences last year (up from 798,000 in 2016/17), as viewers ditch the BBC in favour of online streaming services …’ (, 2nd Feb)

‘Is that true, or did you hear it on the BBC ? Car bumper and window stickers are now available, price £2.50 (free p&p) from:

Tales From Europe ……..

‘The Aachen Treaty, signed between Germany and France, commits both states to closer co-operation in a series of policy areas. The first eight articles, which encompass bilateral foreign and defence policy, are the most ambitious ….. Angela Merkel, speaking in Aachen, said that the new pact: ‘aims to build a Franco-German common military culture and contribute to the creation of a European army ….’ (Gatestone Institute, 25th Jan)

‘The chaos of delaying Brexit would be worse than ‘no-deal’, according to Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite: ‘the more we will be trying to extend any kind of uncertainty, the worse it will be for both sides. In that case, it’s better to finish this chaos sooner, even with no deal’ (Politico, 24th Jan)

‘Even the EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, admits that in the event of ‘no-deal’: ‘we will have to find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting in place a ‘hard border‘. Then why not make such arrangements now ? It should hardly be a difficult job, given that Northern Ireland and the Republic are already used to coping with different currency, VAT, customs and excise duty and tax systems’ (Leo McKinstry, Daily Express, 4th Feb)

‘Germany posted its worst economic performance for five years, leaving the eurozones’s ‘powerhouse’ vulnerable to a global slowdown …. The figures suggest the German economy only narrowly avoided falling into recession thanks to meagre growth in the final three months of the year. The country’s economy has ’lost momentum’ according to the Federal Statistics Office’ (Daily Telegraph, 16th Jan)

During a visit to Poland (January 9th), Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that Italy and Poland will spark a ‘European Spring’ and forge ‘a new equilibrium’ to replace the influence of France and Germany in the EU Parliament; ’Today begins a journey that will continue in the coming months for a different Europe, for change of the European Commission, of European policies which put at the centre the right to life, work, health, safety; all that the European elites financed by Soros and represented by Macron, deny …. We are close to a historic turning point in Europe; the Europe that will be created in June will be different from the one of today, which is managed by bureaucrats .. we are preparing for a new energy in Europe; Poland and Italy will be the protaganists of this European spring, this revival of true European values’ (Gatestone Institute, 14th Jan)

Switzerland …. The Swiss are holding out against the hegemony of the European Court and an attempt to gut their national sovereignty. Its old bilateral accords with the EU are no longer deemed acceptable; Brussels wants to shut down the ’Swiss model’ once and for all. The country has until the end of June to submit to the EU’s new ’framework agreement’ or see its trading and financial access to the EU gradually cut off stage by stage: ’They were given a 6-month ultimatum in December’ says Peter Kleppe from Open Europe, ‘if the EU carries out its threat Switzerland will see it’s market access revoked’. The Swiss must accept sweeping jurisdiction of the ECJ and ’dynamic alignment’ of EU legislation over migration, social security rules, tax codes and other key areas of policy. ’This is a carbon copy of the UK ’Transition Agreement’, except for us it is permanent’ says Thomas Aeschi, chief of the Swiss People’s Party in the national parliament. ’We would end up becoming a passive member of the EU without any voting rights’ (sounds familiar?)

Yet the country is resisting this pressure with remarkable sangfroid. Several cantons have already promised to veto the ’deal’ when it comes before the Upper House and four of the five parties in the Lower House are also opposed. ’The Federal Council is slowly coming to the conclusion that the agreement has no chance in Switzerland’ said Corrado Pardini, leader of the Unia trade union. Union leaders fear that EU demands will undermine worker protection rights and hold down wages .… what is at stake is the integrity of the Swiss social welfare model. Swiss democracy will have it’s say; there will almost certainly be a public consultation and voters are likely to reject the deal in its current form …’ (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph, 19th March)

Netherlands ….. An Anti-EU party has won regional elections, depriving the governing party of its senate majority. Forum for Democracy, set up only two years ago, surged from no seats to 13 seats, making it the largest single party in the Dutch senate (Upper House). The Forum is led by Thierry Baudet, 36, who has copied Donald Trump by blasting the ‘cartel’ of establishment parties in the Netherlands: ‘We have been called to the front because we have to. Because the country needs us. We are standing in the rubble of the most beautiful civilisation in the world’. In February, Mr Baudet told De Volkskrant newspaper: ’I am ideologically against the EU, against the internal market, against open borders, against the euro; against the whole thing’ (Daily Telegraph, 22nd March)

‘The fundamental art of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with a whole series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary’ (H. L. Mencken 1882 – 1956)

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