May 12, 2017 Comments Off on GENERAL ELECTION STATEMENT John Butler

The General Election on 8th June is the opportunity to ensure that the EU referendum result is honoured, and that the clearly expressed will of the British people to ‘Leave the EU’ is achieved through an amicable and beneficial agreement that accords with the principal objectives of the ‘Leave’ campaign.

We wish to ensure that on this single issue, the House of Commons returns the maximum number of MPs who are committed to the full restoration of Britain’s independence.

We hope that our current MP, Michael Tomlinson, will continue to honour his support for Britain’s full withdrawal from the EU.

That is why UKIP members decided at a recent branch meeting, to put country before party and on this occasion, not to stand a candidate for the Mid-Dorset and North Poole constituency.

This does not imply that we support the Conservative Party or their election manifesto.

UKIP will be standing parliamentary candidates nationally in opposition to pro-EU MPs of whatever party. UKIP Mid-Dorset and North Poole will be helping our candidates in other constituencies to gain UKIP seats on 8th June.