UKIP – What We Stand For

WHAT DOES UKIP STAND FOR ? UKIP firmly believes that the best people to govern Britain are the British people themselves, through their democratically elected parliament at Westminster. It is …

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UKIP – A Brief History

UKIP – A BRIEF HISTORY UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) was founded in 1993 by a group in the Anti-Federalist League, opposed to the Conservative government’s signing of the …

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Out of the EU… into The World…

The world’s major economic growth is now happening outside the EU. The Commonwealth has 53 countries with 2.2 billion people (one quarter of the world’s population). Many of its nations …

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Growing Army of Under 30’s Supporting UKIP in Dorset…

The 31st January 2015 saw a cold and windy day in Bath, but didn’t dampen the spirits of Young Independence members and guests from across the South West. Speakers at …

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UKIP Mid Dorset & N Poole Host Public Meeting – Canford Heath    6th February 2016

UKIP deputy chair Suzanne Evans and North Dorset’s Steve Unwin speaking to a packed meeting on how and why the UK would thrive as a sovereign nation and be better off OUT of the EU. …

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Getting Your Voice Heard Locally…

UKIP members supporting residents in Swanage on 13th January 2013, in a peaceful protest against the proposal for the Navitus coastal wind park. Local residents organised the protest to give …

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Time For Change – Time To Make A Difference

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) was formed in 1993. Since when it has formulated and continually developed sound common-sense policies addressing both national and local issues.

Since the early days, media coverage has increased significantly and recognition noticeably improved, with MEP’s, local councillors, members and supporters, actively promoting the Party through local and national campaigns, general and local elections and, of course, this website.

Steady growth in membership of the Mid-Dorset and North Poole Branch is a clear reflection of the increasing popularity of UKIP with the electorate of Dorset, soundly endorsed by the election of Ian Smith (Ferndown) as a Dorset County Councillor in 2013, and Tony Woodcock elected as the first UKIP Councillor in Poole.

UKIP in Dorset currently have serving: 1 County Councillor, 7 District/Borough Councillors and 2 Parish Councillors.

UKIP won the European Elections in May 2014 with a total of 4,376,635 votes nationally, returning 24 MEP’s including our first in Scotland. The South West region gained 2 UKIP MEP’s – William Dartmouth and Dr Julia Reid.

Towns, villages and communities within the Mid Dorset & North Poole Parliamentary Constituency include:

Local  issues affecting residents and communities in Mid Dorset and North Poole include:

Post Office closures, large-scale housing development, public transport cuts, potholes, landfill tax, wind turbine farms, reductions in policing.

Many issues concerning the residents of Dorset stem from EU directives, invariably brought in by our own government. Now is the time for common sense politics with common sense solutions.

UKIP is a patriotic party that believes in putting Britain first

Only UKIP will return self-government to the British people

Keen to make a difference? Apply for membership here